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We spent a fantastic day in the Mayfield Lavender last Sunday. I was very excited when I found out about this place - thank you Facebook for 'share' options:). I felt almost like being amongst the lavender fields in Provence in France. We are very lucky to this incredible place full of purple not that far from London. For a family photographer who loves to use a nature and an environment in family portraits this place was truly magical.

I love photographing everyday life of my daughter. I always take my camera and at least two lenses with me. This time our weekend trip was very special as my mum visited us and we could spend the whole day together. I would love to keep these beautiful moments in our memories forever; years from now look back at that happiness with delight. I am sure all parents would like to remember the family together, true relationships and cute details from their lives.

I think it is still not to late for you to visit the Mayfield Lavender this weekend. Mayfield Lavender is a family run 25-acre  farm in Surrey, less than 15 miles from Central London. The farm is opens from 10am to 7pm and admission is free to the general public for leisure purposes.  For more details please check their website here

I hope you enjoy this small collection of photographs of my family.

On location child portrait photography by Little Bunny Photography | Wanstead Loughton Woodford Child Photographer 


  1. beautiful pictures!!!!! You are a very talented artist x

  2. Love the pictures... Amazing!! Nice capture.

    1. Thank you so much (sorry I've missed your comment)

  3. Wow, I love the lavender everywhere. So beautiful. I love that your daughter is dressed in a purple dress as well as the purple in your husband's shirt. What beautiful family photos to cherish.